M&S Plant Kitchen Launch

Last week I was invited to the Marks & Spencer’s Launch of their new Vegan Range…Plant Kitchen! Now unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this Veganuary you would’ve already seen the range taken off in shops & blow up big time on social media. It’s incredible what’s being offered to vegans already and we’re only two weeks into the year.

I was amazed (& still slightly awestruck) that I was even invited being a relatively small account. The event was incredible, all the food was set up to coordinate with each other so you had: lunch options; BBQ options (burgers & hotdogs); dirty vegan; pizza truck etc all in different stations. The staff were so friendly, forever topping up drinks & chatting to us all. And the venue was so cute, with food trucks and even veggies hanging from the ceiling to give the ultimate plant vibes!!


The food was AMAZING!! Given out in small portions so you could try lots of stuff although there was no way to try it all there was just so much. Some of the highlights for me were:

  • Cauliflower Popcorn Bites– so tasty, crispy outside with subtle cauliflower flavour & a lovely spicy dipping sauce
  • Mac & Cheese– creamy, lush, crispy crumb, basically heaven & not at all stodgy
  • BBQ Jackfruit Pizza– lush! The cauliflower based cheese was so good, better than Zizzi’s cheese to me

But honestly, it was all incredible & I cannot wait to pick some more goodies up in M&S to have at home.

Meeting all the amazing vegan Instagram-ers was a dream, and met FoodFitnessFlora!! And even the not-so-vegan Liam from Bake Off was very impressed at the food I might add. Some of the girls I met from the night have amazing accounts to check out:

@millievegan   @nourishing.amy   @abcdefghijkleila   @mamasavegan                   @ash_veganmermaid   @katie.eatss   @thecrudevegan

What a fabulous start to the year and to #veganuary2019


Take care lovelies,





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