7 Steps to a Happy Veganuary

So we’re almost done with Veganuary but before it’s over I wanted to share my 5 tips for going vegan:

1.Find vegan alternatives to the foods you love: probably my biggest tip. Going vegan doesn’t mean you should miss out on the foods & flavours you love. There’s so many supermarkets options out there for ‘non-vegan foods’ like cheese, pizza, burgers, milk, cream, desserts, sausages, the list goes on and on.

Try: Plant Kitchen in M&S; Linda McCartney for sausages, Tesco & Sainsbury’s for cheese; Alpro or Oatly for milk; Goodlife Foods; Wicked Kitchen for ready meals; Supermarkets have loads of their own braded vegan options- sandwiches, ready meals, pizzas etc.

2. Follow vegan accounts: Instagram and YouTube are amazing for vegan inspiration, try following some vegan accounts on Instagram there absolutely loads to choose from, (just search vegan hashtags) realistic ones, recipe ones, more Buddha bowl/green smoothie ones. And YouTube is amazing for vegan inspiration such as ‘What I eat in a day’ videos and easy vegan recipes.

Try: Madeleine Olivia or JessBeautician on Youtube

3. Download the HappyCow app: This app is a live-saver especially when you’re in a new

place, it basically complies a list of vegan/vegetarian cafes, bars & restaurants near you. There’s reviews, photos, opening times and generally info on all the places. I’ve found it so useful when I’m abroad & don’t speak the language. Also it means you can try places ‘off the beaten track’ which are usually the best places!!

Try: Only £3.99 in the iTunes store

download (1)

4. Accidentally vegan and label checking:

a lot of what you already eat may be accidentally vegan (meat flavoured crisps are often vegan surprisingly, oreos, etc) & get used to checking labels. If you search vegan foods in Google you can find easy to follow lists of vegan products and all the weird ingredients that aren’t vegan i.e. some E-numbers aren’t and watch out for milk powder that seems to get everywhere!!

Try: Veganuary for vegan products; The Vegan Society for help with labels and vegan brands. Or check out @accidentallyveganuk or @vegan_food_uk on Insta

5. Enjoy creating new recipes & exploring new foods: enjoy your time in the kitchen c


reating new recipes & new flavours. And don’t be afraid to explore new ingredients like nooch (nutritional yeast) basically every vegan’s heaven perfect to give things a cheesey flavour. Tofu is an amazing source of protein and so versatile- use it in stir frys, to make creamy sauces and even in chocolate mousse! Madeline Olivia has an amazing tofu video on YouTube…check it out here!

Try: BOSH! or Deliciously Ella for some amazing recipe books. Holland & Barrett have great cooking ingrediennts or the free-from section in local supermarkets.

6. Eat out & order vegan: so so many restaurants are catering to vegans these days & most often they will have a separate vegan menu for you! Go out & explore all the options, there’s pretty much a restaurant serving vegan food for every cuisine going. It means you can still socialise and have fun with your non-vegan friends.

Try: Zizzi’s; Pizza Express; Ask Italian; The Botanist; Las Iguanas; Wagamamas; YoSushi!… but to name a few

7. Don’t beat yourself up: no-one is perfect & often veganism is trial & error. We’ve all made mistakes & eaten something we thought was vegan, later finding out it wasn’t. Yes, you’ll feel bad but you really shouldn’t…you’re doing an amazing thing to help the planet & the animals & your health, one error doesn’t wipe that all away. You live and you learn! ❤ 


I hope this helps and let me know if you have any tips for going plant-based!


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