Vegan YouTubers

YouTube has become one of my fav platforms to gain inspiration for amazing plant-based recipes, restaurants to visit & ‘what I eat in a day‘ videos. Here are some of my favourite people to watch, there’s too many to mention them all!!!…Who do you rate?

My Top 5:

Madeleine Olivia: Youtube  Website  Instagram

Best for: Easy-to-follow, budget/student friendly recipes.

Maddie uses a no nonsense approach with quick, affordable recipes suitable for plant-based living on a budget. Some of my favs have to be her Quinoa Chilli, Savoury Oats & Chocolate Cookies! She’s also created two e-books, Versatile Vegan & Minimal Beauty! Both amazing & really affordable! And has many videos on minimalism, her ED recovery & decluttering.

Jess Beautician: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Incredible ‘what I eat in a day’ videos using whole, fresh ingredients, showing the entire recipe for each meal.

Jess often shares What I eat in a Day videos filled with delicious homemade recipes, she’s all about whole, fresh foods and ingredients. Her recipes are unique but achievable with her incredible filming set up & easy to follow videos. Plus she writes ALL her recipes in the description box so you can easy print them off to use in the kitchen. Seriously this girl needs her own recipe book?!

Amanda Ducks: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: relaxed vlogs & quick to watch ‘what I eat in a day’ videos

Amanda creates hearty meals, filled with flavour and goodness, she defo channels the Aussie beach vibes in her videos. She is so down to earth and fun to watch, her videos are pretty chilled, vlog style which I love.

Mina Roma: Youtube  Website  Instagram

Best for: creative, easy-to-follow meal idea videos & vegan travels

Mina creates delicious ‘what I eat in a day’ or ‘what I eat for breakfast/lunch etc in a week’ & has some inventive no fuss recipes. Her voice overs are so relaxing & videos so aesthetically pleasing. She travels a fair bit too & never fails to show us what she’s been eating along the way.

BOSH: Youtube  Instagram  Website

Best for: amazing, incredible, plant based recipes! And quick recipe videos.

Ok, so if you haven’t heard of BOSH what are you doing?! Go out and get both their recipe books now and watch all their videos! Ian and Henry are the ultimate vegan gods, creating stunning but achievable plant-based meals, snack, desserts, sides, starters, cakes- basically anything & everything.

Lifestyle Vegan Yotubers

Niomi Smart: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Plant based recipes with whole foods & London vegan spots

Niomi was one of the original social media stars who I followed that introduced me to plant-based living. Her book Eat Smart is filled with incredible recipes as is her vlogs & recipe videos on Youtube. Have a look at some of her older What I Eat in a Day videos- they were the best!

Venitia Falconer: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: veganism, sustainability, upcycling and basically loving the planet vlogs.

I recently discovered Venitia after watching her with Niomi Smart & instantly fell in love with her videos & Instagram. She’s all about sustainable & resourceful living, which has definitely influenced me for the better, plus she also shows some of what she eats alongside her journey to sustainable living.

Immy Lucas: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: minimalism, sustainability, low-waste & all things environmentally friendly.

Immy creates calming, gentles videos about sustainability, minimilsm and veganism. She’s knows her stuff & is one to watch if you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact.

Fitness Vegan Youtubers

All these girls show how to balance veganism with fitness, they provide workout videos alongside their vegan eats, often incorporated into a vlog style video.

Grace Beverley: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Some serious #girlboss inspiration. Grace knows what she is talking about & post informative videos, alongside some fitness and vlog style ones showing how veganism doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive

Stefanie Moir: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Some vegan food porn, Stefanie has some amazing videos showing us how to create vegan junk food but healthier and often combines a workout into her ‘what I eat in a day’ videos

Steph Elswood: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Vlog style, chatty videos, showing what she eats on the regular and when attending various events or travelling. Also amazing dancer FYI!

Zanna Van Dijk: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Vlog style videos incorporating, veganism, fitness, low-waste, minimalism & travel. And the occasional girl talk video & Q&A.

Flora Beverley: Youtube  Instagram

Best for: Serious motivation to get outside and start exercising! Flora incorporates her journey to running a marathon alongside so many other exercise activities into her vegan lifestyle.

Instagram Youtubers

So these are the lovely people who I’ve followed or met through Instagram who have set up a Youtube channel alongside their Instagram accounts.

abcdefghijkleila_: Youtube  Instagram

I met Leila at the Plant Kitchen launch & she is honestly one of the sweetest people I’ve met, and her videos seriously reflect that. She creates fun drool-worthy recipe videos & what I eat in a day videos.

Plantbasedellie_uk: Youtube  Instagram

Ellie has created a YouTube channel filled with tips and tricks for going vegan, fitness & beauty, alongside some fun challenges & what I eat in a day videos.

Veganpixie_: Youtube  Instagram

Georgia has the feed of dreams on Instagram & has been creating Youtube videos alongside. She features hauls, vlogs, events & places to eat around London.

Raelikesfroot: Youtube  Instagram

Rae creates fun videos, hauls, recipes & basically has the low down for all the things happening in the UK vegan related!

Others Vegan Yotubers:

I hope this was helpful & you’ve found some inspiration and new people to follow.

Who’s your fav Vegan Yotuber?







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