Raw Snack Bars

Since the surge in variety of Nakd Bars a lot of companies have started to produce their own version of a healthy raw snack bar. Here are 3 raw snack bars & my thoughts…

1.  Onli Natural Bars*: Cold pressed, raw bars with no added sugar & high in fibre, also one of your five-a-day! For me Onli Natural Bars are the most similar to a Nakd Bar, but with a denser texture. This works well in being more satisfying snack.

Available: Home Bargains, they’re website is coming soon…

Texture: Denser & stickier than Nakd Bars.POZK4014

Flavours: 3 flavours to choose from. All rich in flavour, indulgent & sweet.

  • Cherry Bakewell– very much so, got a delish almond, marzipan flavour to it
  • Cocoa Orange– rich & chocolately with a hint of orange
  • Cookie Dough– ny personal FAV, not sure what it is that I like but its sweet & doughy & perfect, could’ve eaten them all straight away!!

£1.49 for 4 bars = £0.37 per bar

Approx. 135 cals per bar

2. Creative Nature Superfoods Bars:

Creative Nature has an abundance of products to choose from like baking mixes, greenpowders, toppings & of course their raw flapjack bars. They are free-from most allergens including gluten, wheat, dairy & nuts! Some are also very high in protein with 8g per bar.

Available: Online –> Website

Texture: soft, slightly crumbly & lighter than a Nakd Bar & smaller & flatter in shape


Flavours: 7 flavours to choose from.the only way to describe them is…they taste like their title! It’s amazing, salted caramel tastes like salted caramel, apple pie tastes of apple pie etc! They’re all sweet, tasty & do not taste like a healthy snack, so lovely & indulgent.

  • Apple Pie high protein flapjack
  • Goji Goodness energy flapjack bar
  • Salted Caramel high protein flapjack bar
  • Raw Cacao energy flapjack bar
  • Carrot Cake snack bar
  • Ginger Teatox detoxing flapjack bar
  • Cacao Orange high protein flapjack

£19.80 for 20 bars = £0.99 per bar (you can also buy a subscription box each month for £4.99 for 5 bars)

Approx. 118-152 cals per bar

3. Adonis Low Sugar Nut Bars: Adonis claim to make their crunchy nut bars low in sugar & carbs with only 2g of sugar per bar. They’re also gluten & dairy free. They’re filled with nuts, chia seeds, dried berries & have an amazing crunch to them. I loved these for something different. The texture is perfect.

Available: Waitrose, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Sainsburys, Amazon, Website


Texture: crunchy, bitty, not soft at all more like granolaAQYY6736

Flavours: 3 flavours to choose from. Decedent, quite sophisticated with multiple competing flavours in each bar, making them a little harder to distinguish each ingredient but overall work well together.

  • Pecan, cocoa & goji berry- Chocolatel-y with a subtle berry taste but not overpowering.
  • Coconut, vanilla & acai berry- For me the coconut was the strongest flavour here with very little vanilla coming through but still delicious
  • Tumeric, organge & brazil nuts– very strong tumeric flavour, more of a savoury taste to me & not heavy on the orange, but weirdly addictive.

£16.90 for 10 = £1.69 per bar

Approx. 160 cals per bar

I hope you enjoyed this review of some new raw snack bars. Which would you like to try?



Disclaimer: Products gifted to me are noted by a ‘*’ symbol. These were kindly sent to me but I am not obliged to post & all opinions shared are honest & my own.





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