Sizzling Pubs Vegan Menu

Sizzling Pubs have recently launched a new VEGGIE/VEGAN MENU! The menu is completely separate to the normal menu & clearly highlights whats ‘vegetarian’ & what’s ‘vegan’. Staff were friendly, we were served promptly & the place was clean with a family-orientated atmosphere.MWXO1852Food: Hot on arrival, tasty & big portions for the price we paid. Not quite gormet but what you expect for a pub & that price. Cheap & cheerful.

Price: About £3-4 for a starter; £6-9 for a main; £3-4 for dessert

Perfect for: cheap & cheerful family meals out, don’t expect fine dining but enjoy tasty dishes, big on flavour & small on price.


With only one vegan starter we went for the Mini Vegetable Samosas- with a sweet chilli dipping sauce & tomato salsa. The samosas were hot & crispy with a tasty filling although very tiny. But a perfect nibble before the main courses arrived.EXWV8859WTFL2436Mains

For mains the first visit I had the Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Katsu Curry breaded aubergine, sweet potato and cauliflower served with basmati rice, a black bean Katsu sauce and a fresh red onion & tomato salsa.

The flavours were delicious, creamy & not too spicy. The breaded veg was crisp & tender, although quite dense on the batter side. I had no tomato salsa on it which was a shame cause that would’ve finished it off nicely & added some colour & coolness against the rich katsu sauce. AMGD4965

My non-vegan friend had the Madras ChickenGrilled tandoori chicken fillet with Madras sauce on sizzling onions & peppers, with rice, onion bhajis, poppadom and mango chutney. She thoroughly enjoyed her dish too & for the price the quality & quantity were fantastic. The chicken came on a hot sizzling skillet with pepper & onions & all the accompaniments were fresh & tasty.


On my next visit I had the Lentil & Sweet Potato Cottage Piea blend of seasoned puy lentils topped with sweet potato mash, served with peas & vegan gravy.

This was a little disappointing. After seeing other photos I wondered if the sweet potato mash had been forgotten but realised it was just overcooked & gone a little hard. I can’t deny the mix of lentils & carrots was delicious & perfect grey weather comfort food. Shame about the small portion of peas & slightly watery gravy.


My friend chose the Tandoori Chicken BurgerTandoori marinated chicken fillet topped with onion bhajis and minted sour cream, which was very large & tasty but not spicy at all which was a little disappointing.


I tried their only vegan the Caramel Iced Bar- a salted caramel parfait served with fresh strawberries.

BETZ1560Ok…this was AMAZING!! Totally worth the slight overdone pie for this dessert! Like wow! Not ice-cream, not cheesecake, but somewhere in between. An icey mousse bar with a delicious caramel BISCOFF taste to it. Served with sweet strawberries. This hit the spot! Well done for offering not just sorbet or fruit!! Thank you ❤

Even my non-vegan friend who ordered the Belgian Chocolate Brownieserved warm with vanilla ice cream and Belgian chocolate sauce, wished she’d had the vegan dessert.


Are you gonna try the Sizzling Pubs’ new vegan menu soon?




Disclaimer: This meal was kindly complimentary but all photos & words are my own



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