New Vegan Menu at The Stable

The Stable has recently launched a new vegan menu! The restaurant has a casual, relaxed vibe with long wooden benches to sit at (similar to Wagamamas), friendly & helpful staff, & plenty of comforting food to choose from. I’ve heard great things about The Stable & having never had visited before jumped at the chance when I was kindly invited to try out the new menu.IMG_1360

Food- inventive pizza toppings, variety of flavours & options to chose from. They have a separate vegan menu, all clearly labelled. Suitable for vegans & non-vegans.

Price- £3-5 for starters, £10-£12 for pizza, £5 for desserts.

Perfect for- casual dining, after work events & those times you just crave some hearty vegan junk food served at its best.


Sadly they had ran out of tempeh so the Totally Tempeh salad & Tempeh & Tahini Bites were out of the question which was a shame but the other 2 options certainly made up for it. We had the Hot Topped Wedges- thick cut wedges topped with red onion, jalapeños & vegan mozzarella. They were thick & fluffy, lots of cheese, but I would recommend getting some dips so they’re not too dry.


Next up was the Vegan Sourdough Stix & Dip- with butterbean aioli for dipping. The Stix were thin, not doughy, salty with a touch of rosemary. Perfect for testing out all the dips & worked well as a lighter alternative to dough balls.

Dips- We were fortunate enough to be able to try ALL the dips available. There was Rapscallion BBQ (sweet, tangy, basically the best BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted); Tahini Ranch (this had a slight odd sour taste to it with a hint of sesame at the end- not our fav); Butterbean Aioli (creamy, thick & delicious) & Smoked Paprika Houmous (definitely smoky & worked well with the stixs)F8B119F6-F23F-487B-B1F0-B56F444745C2


The Blazing Jack- Rapscallion BBQ jackfruit with roasted peppers, caramelised onion and vegan mozzarella, finished with jalapeños and butterbean aioli. This was defo our favourite out of the 2 we tried. They were generous on toppings, the jackfruit was succulent with a hint of BBQ, the vegan cheese was soft but not overpowering or stringy, & the veggies added a delish sweetness to it; & the aioli added a creaminess against the spicy jalapeños. Overall an inventive, well executed vegan pizza!!84A900E1-1EC5-438A-A9D0-3D49646CA77B

The Hazelnutter- spinach, field mushrooms, caramelised onion, green beans and vegan mozzarella, topped with hazelnuts. Again, they were not sparse on toppings, although we found with the excess of onions alongside the spinach & mushrooms this pizza didn’t hold together that well. Overall the flavours were pretty plain & simple, but the hazelnuts added a nice crunch & variety. Maybe it needed a drizzle of one of the dips or some garlic to bring out the veg.

I can also confirm both pizzas tasted amazing as leftovers & didn’t go soggy or limp a few days later.1E93F7F0-4011-40FF-83EA-09134B77B371


Ok, wow! This was amazing. As full as we were by this point we knew we couldn’t surpass on this warm, rich Vegan Brownie. It wasn’t too sickly or sweet & when paired with the sharp berry compote & creamy vanilla ice-cream made for an incredible sweet treat! And presentation was really on point! Anywhere that serves the ice-cream in a tiny side dish has my vote.


Overall- The Stable seems to be able to cater to everyone & provide a relaxed setting for some incredible food. Staff are friendly, food is creative & served fresh, reasonably priced, what more could you ask for.

I will definitely be visiting again soon to bring family & friends here.

Have you tried The Stable yet??



Disclaimer: This meal was kindly complimentary in exchange for a review, however, all photos & opinions are my own.

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