Oat Pantry Review

As we all know I am a porridge fanatic so was thrilled when Oat Pantry reached out to me and sent over their Porridge and Granola.


They’re a vegan, gluten-free brand which offer monthly subscription boxes of their porridge & granola. They offer new & exciting flavours each month & you get one granola & one porridge delivered to you. Each month the Chef creates a unique blend for you to try but is easily adaptable to suit your tastes.

285B6922-4D48-4A05-9026-B357D1BC5DF2I was sent the Carrot Cake Porridge & the Cinnamon & Raisin Granola. They also send cute wooden pegs to keep the products fresh once opened, along with a glass so you can take your breakfast everywhere! Plus the use plastic-free, recycable & compostable packaging.

The Carrot Cake Oats were amazing! I love plain porridge as we know but oh my word the flavours & textures of this were incredible. It’s filled with carrots, dates, raisins, pecan & walnuts which makes such a good combination of different textures & the added cinnamon & nutmeg give it that warming, carrot cake feel. Feels like I’m eating a dessert rather than a healthy organic breakfast.


I topped mine with apple & almond butter but think you could eat it by itself or with PB or other fruits or syrup!

The Cinamon & Raisin Granola was also another hit with me. It’s a simple combo but executed so well. Lightly toasted oats coated with warming cinnamon- I found the flavours just right and not overpowering at all. Perfect maybe over yogurt, cereal, porridge or just on it’s own.


I seriously recommend this porridge & granola- & I’ve tried a lot in my time. It would be such a nice gift for someone or for yourself.

They were also kind enough to offer you all a discount code for 20% off, just use JESS20 at the checkout!

What flavour would you love to try?


Spread the peace, love & houmous,



Disclaimer: I am working with Oat Pantry to bring you this review, but all opinions and photos are my own!

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