Toby Carvery Veganuary Review

I’ve always been a Toby Carvery fan & thought the transition to veganism would mean no more carveries, however, Toby Carvery cater well to vegans. I was so excited when I was invited to try out their Vegan/Vegetarian menu & even try to convert my non-vegan mum to try the plant life.


Food: Buffet style carvery with plenty to choose from & an array of fresh veg, potatoes, gravy, condiments etc.

Price: Weekdays it is cheaper at around £8 for a main. Weekend is more expensive around £10/11 for a main. Desserts come in at £4/5 each.

Perfect for: A lovely heart roast dinner, completely tailored to what you fancy.

The atmosphere of a Toby Carvery is very much that of a standard British Pub, nothing fancy, similar to a Weatherspoons. The menu is as below & they even have a separate Vegan/Vegetarian menu which makes life that little bit easier. (Just be sure to look for the VE sign on the menu for the vegan dishes). All their veg is cooked in vegan butter, the roast potatoes & stuffing are vegan, HOWEVER, the mash potato, yorkshire puddings & anything in a cream sauce isn’t vegan. The staff are more than happy to help with allergens & dietary requirements.

photo2 (2)

When you order a main it comes on an empty plate & you then go & helpful yourself to the array of veg at the carvery deck.

photo6 (2)

My plate was behind the carvery deck when I went up & the chef even asked if I wanted him to wash his hands after touching the meat-cutting knives before touching my plate which was such incredible service & so thoughtful regarding cross-contamination. Generally you get a square plate if it’s a veggie meal, again amazing for cross-combination.photo4 (2)

For mains I chose the Allotment Pie which was totally different for me as I generally have the basic Meat-Free Carvery. The Pie was filled with veggies in a tomato & basil pastry- more like a slice of pie rather than an individual pie which was perfect as it wasn’t too heavy. The flavours were good, delicate and not overpowering. It went nicely with the rest of the meal.

My mum chose to have a carvery without the meat and realised that meat wasn’t the best part of the carvery for her and enjoyed it a lot. Although she didn’t go full on vegan as she had some cauliflower cheese too! But it’s the little steps isn’t it.

photo9 (2)

Overall, I would highly recommend Toby Carvery for a hearty, cheap & cheerful meal. The staff were so friendly & helpful regarding vegan options & the food was delicious. Guaranteed satisfaction all round. 

Peace & Plants,



*Disclaimer: I was kindly sent a voucher for this trip but all photos, words & opinions are my own

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